I wrote this to the listserv (Linganth) for linguistic anthropologists last summer (6/17/20), and want to share it here on Medium as well since a few people have cited my words on race and Black linguistic anthropologists in the months since then. Feel welcome to cite this here!

Subject: [Linganth] Language & Culture Course / Covid syllabi and Race

Jun 17, 2020, 4:13 PM

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Dear Shannon and colleagues,

I wrote my online Spring 2020 class of Language in Culture as one dedicated to Covid-19. I only had a few days to design it before the UCLA quarter started, so pardon any omissions. The idea was to frame the class as a…

This is a very personal piece of information to share in such a public way. But in these times of social distancing, I find myself quite removed from my normal group of friends, and I don’t feel like picking up the phone to tell people what’s going on in my life. This seems like a very good way to let anyone who sees it know what’s going on. I guess I finally understand the catharsis of public grief.

My husband and I were so happy when we found out I was pregnant. This joy turned to real sadness two days…

Dr. Teru

Athropologist, linguist, Afro-futurist, critical social theorist, public speaker, university teacher, market researcher, and performer. terukomitsuhara.com

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